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 The International Kenpo Karate Federation is one of the OLDEST Kenpo Karate association and operates as a non-political Kenpo Karate entity whose focus is to help you grow your school and penetrate and dominate your local market.  

   I know, that what everybody else says too. They claim that they are 'non-political', but our name actually proves it.

   We are different from most other organizations, because we are a TRUE Federation as defined by Webster's Dictionary -

"A Federation is a united body formed by a number of schools, instructors,
students, other associations, etc., each retaining control of its own
internal affairs, but working towards a common goal."

   You see, the IKKF does not control what you do in your school. We don't tell you what and how many techniques and forms you HAVE to teach. That is totally up to you. You know what works best for you and your students.




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